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Fun, true, bright, chill or bold. Take the quiz to discover which vibe best fits your personality.

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Behind ECOSBreeze®

What word best describes you?


What is your dream vacation?

A spa day in Palm Springs
A trip to Europe to explore museums
A yoga retreat in Bali
A music festival in Brazil
A Sahara expedition in Morocco

On a Friday night you’d be...

Finishing your new book
Catching up with friends
Binge-watching your favorite show
Going to a concert
Trying out a new restaurant

Which animal reminds you of yourself?


If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?

To speak every language
To read minds
To be invisible whenever you choose
To fly
To time travel


You are BRIGHT! The world needs more people like you. Where others see obstacles, you see opportunity. You try your best to be optimistic and help friends and family think positively.

We created a garden-fresh, parsley-scented ECOSBreeze® Room Spray inspired by people just like you—those who always have the courage to look on the bright side.

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You are TRUE! You have a rare quality that makes you really special: you know how to be yourself! Whether you’re in a room full of loved ones or complete strangers, you’re authentic, consistent and always stay true to who you are. Anytime you feel pressure to be something you’re not, you stand your ground.

We created an ECOSBreeze® Room Spray that fits you perfectly. A Bamboo Lemon scent that gives you the same authenticity you give to the world – with classic lemon and sturdy bamboo that stays true to its roots.

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You are CHILL! You know the importance of self care and setting aside time to relax. When you’re faced with difficult decisions or challenging experiences, you keep your cool. You take a deep breath and think things through, which allows you to live a positive life.

We created an ECOSBreeze® Room Spray scent that fits you perfectly—a soulful, soothing lavender and vanilla blend formulated to put your mind at ease and create a relaxing environment no matter where you are.

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You are FUN! Whether you’re lighting up a room or lighting up the dance floor, you always liven things up. Being around you makes everything more fun! You help create memories your friends and family cherish for life.

We created a signature, life-of-the-party ECOSBreeze® Room Spray that fits you perfectly—a fresh, spirited magnolia and lily blend that helps you celebrate the good times and keep them coming.

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You are BOLD! Life is an adventure for you, and you’re not afraid to try new things. You crave exploration and challenging yourself to be the best. When everyone else takes a step back, you’re the one who stands out and dives in head first.

We created an ECOSBreeze® Room Spray that fits you perfectly—a distinct, invigorating honeydew blend that dares to be exceptional… just like you.


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